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BYOD 5G Unlimited Data 10 GB


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BYOD 5G Unlimited Data 20 GB


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BYOD 5G Unlimted Data 50 GB


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Choose from our BYOD price plans, each offering unified features like Name Display, Advanced Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Conference Calling. Stay connected effortlessly with unlimited calls in Canada & US, along with International SMS/MMS.

Experience the synergy of Tel-Synergy billing, integrated with Rogers Business Network, for a communication journey that's unmatched in convenience and efficiency.

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The Costly Consequence of Unanswered Calls

Record-levels of scam and nuisance telephone calls pose a significant problem to businesses and consumers alike.
Robocalls are doubling each year, drowning out wanted, urgent, and important calls. Consumers don’t answer calls with a spam warning and they’ve nearly stopped picking up unidentified calls altogether. In fact, 79% of unidentified calls go unanswered.

Branded Call
Display your identity

Be instantly recognized by 
displaying company name on all outbound calls
Elevate your brand by featuring company logo
Get personal and include an informative reason for your call

Secure Call
Protect your identity

Prevent imposters from spoofing your numbers

Branded Call Intelligence
See the impact of identity

Know for certain which of your calls were delivered with call identity
Understand the impact call branding has on improving key metrics with call analytics and insights
Optimize your call delivery through custom tagging and A/B testing

Reputation Management
Track Reputation Health

Monitor your reputation through your current spam ratio

Reach 400M+ Customers

Expand your influence

Plug into the only branded caller ID solution for all mobile phones in the U.S. and into Canada
Influence your call outcomes with mobile users across AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Samsung devices, and the Hiya App
Reach mobile users across 60+ countries

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